• Edelstahlgetriebe und Edelstahlmotoren - Material quality

    Material quality

    Material quality plays an important role
    Lactic acid, fruit acid or other aggressive media in process as well as aggressive cleaners act merciless on the drives. According to the required application, REHFUSS offers either a specific painting or a stainless steel gearbox…

    Material quality

  • Edelstahlgetriebe und Edelstahlmotoren - Robustness

    Absolutely robust drive solutions

    Drive technology in hygienic areas demand high robustness. Extraneous influences as well as high loads must be considered…


  • Edelstahlgetriebe und Edelstahlmotoren - Low maintenance

    Economic efficiency thanks to low maintenance operation

    The REHFUSS worm gearboxes of the SM-Series are extremely low-maintenance and durable. The products are even lifetime lubricated…

    Low maintenance