• Edelstahlgetriebe und Edelstahlmotoren - SMN

    Stainless Steel Gearboxes and Stainless Steel Geared Motors SMN

    Stainless steel gearboxes and stainless steel geared motors can be used generally in a multiplicity of industries due to their smooth housings and their absolutely resistant material…


  • Edelstahlgetriebe und Edelstahlmotoren - SB

    Electric motors without cooling rips and fans – SMOOTH BODY (SB)

    The hygienically designed housing of the SB-motors (so-called smooth body motors or smooth motors) prevents the deposition of dirt and can be combined with all types of gearboxes…


  • Edelstahlgetriebe und Edelstahlmotoren - Applikation examples

    Applikation examples

    The REHFUSS CLEANNESS products are used in all industries where hygiene, cleanness and cleanability are important…

    Applikation examples